Friday, January 15, 2010

The Writer's Porch -- The Editor's Abyss

The Editor's Abyss is alive and well! I experienced it last week.

Three years ago, I sent in a proposal for a Bible study to a publisher. Last week, I received a rejection letter for it. (Rejection is all part of being a writer-- at least if you submit.) I guess the proposal had fallen into the Editor's Abyss. Three years seems like a long time to me--I'm just saying.

Of course, I had sent out simultaneous submissions, because that is permissible in the "book proposal arena." My proposal was contracted by another publishing house. After it was picked-up and contracted, I wrote the first acquisition's editor to let him know that I was withdrawing the proposal.

Obviously, the proposal fell and landed in the Editor's Abyss, only to arise at the release of itself with another publisher. The book is completed and gone to print with my new publisher. But I still received a rejection letter. It made me laugh.

I imagine my book proposal sat in a slush pile for over three years. Eventually, the editor, or more likely his assistant, found it and shot out the rejection letter. Who knows what they did with my request to withdraw it.

Although I have said it before, rejection is part of a writer's life. Take it in stride. Try to see the humor in it and when all else fails wallpaper your guest bathroom with the rejections. Now wouldn't that be a conversation starter? Well, maybe a conversation stopper!

Keep writing. Keep submitting. Understand that there is an Editor's Abyss--laugh at it. Keep your dream!

And keep the Heart-Print Faith--Fun, Fearless and Fulfilled,



Margaret said...

This is funny! Just goes to show--what do editors know?

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Someone told me to save rejection letters for tax purposes. According to the IRS, rejection letters are solid evidence that we are writers.
That puts a positive spin on the "R" word!