Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Decision Making

Don't we all want to do the Lord's will in our lives? I know I do, but much of the time I can't figure out exactly what direction to go. Here's the problem. There are so many great opportunites to serve in His Kingdom. And hey, I am a purpose driven girl--so everything sounds like it's something I maybe should do.

For example, yesterday one of my favorite pastors from my home church called and asked if I would like to teach a class. Of course I would! But the catch is I have a jam-packed schedule for the spring and I have a book releasing in March. My first thought was, "Oh, I can do it." My second thought was, "Am I crazy?" (Don't answer that!)

After praying and deliberating, I decided I needed to postpone teaching at my home church for a semester. Deep down, I would still like to do it because it sounds like it would be the Lord's will.

Again, yesterday I received a call about speaking at a retreat in the fall. I had already spoken with another Women's Director about "maybe" speaking that same weekend. However, no definitive decision had been made by either commitee. I would like to speak at both retreats, but of course that is impossible. These type of decisions make me sad, because they both are wonderful opportunities to serve in God's Kingdom. And they both could be the Lord's will for me.

After praying about the decisions, I decided I would leave it up to Jesus. He would have to show me where to speak by allowing the Women's Ministry directors to decide. (I know that sounds like passing the buck, doesn't it?) Here's the amazing thing -- once I placed the decision in His hands the answer came back immediately.

Funny how God's will works when we "let go and let God." All the woulds, coulds, and shoulds fall into place.

Keep the Heart-Print Faith,

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My Journey to Hope said...

I really identify! I feel pulled in so many directions, and all seem like good opportunities. But I'm learning to use wisdom instead of my emotions. Hard lesson!

:) Michelle