Friday, January 1, 2010

Speaking Topics

Susanne’s topics are designed to be approximately 45 minutes in length. Each topic is flexible. The topics may be presented individually or blended together to adapt to the theme and needs of your group. For more information about scheduling Susanne for your next event, click here.

Women’s Retreat/Conference Topics

Faith Alive! Conference
Live an Influential Life of Faith

Do you wonder about your purpose in life? Do life’s hardships threaten your faith? Join with Susanne as she teaches from the book of Jeremiah. Learn to live your life journey with an eternal purpose. This powerful presentation will show you how to:

•Experience Jesus’ personalized love for you.

•Turn life’s hardships into personal triumphs.

•Fulfill your eternal purpose within your family, church and community.
Finding Love for Eternity

Do you know that you are the apple of God’s eye? Would it change your today and your tomorrows? Susanne shares the reality of God’s love based on His character and goodness. Learn to experience God through His unique Names. Susanne will help you to:

•Dispel feelings of loneliness by developing a deeper relationship with God.
•Identify launching points for fulfilling your dreams.
•Tired of mundane living? Discover the extraordinary in your ordinary life.

In addition, Susanne's book Embraced by the Father used as a small group Bible study works well in conjunction with this before or after this conference.


Faith Café Conference:
Brewing Bold Faith

Susanne partners with fellow speaker Glynnis Whitwer in this two-day conference, including three or four main sessions and two optional breakout sessions. Susanne and Glynnis, both Starbucks fanatics, use coffee themes to explore going deeper and being bolder Christians. Busy women will appreciate the intentional and practical messages and will leave inspired and equipped to brew up a fresh approach to life and faith. In this conference you will:
•Replace fear-filled thoughts with hope-filled practice
•Discern healthy truths about your future from destructive lies
•Increase contentment with your current circumstances
•Improve your attitude by implementing simple changes in your daily life

Prayer Quest Conference

Do you ask, "Why pray?” Or do you desire to learn more about the spiritual discipline of prayer? If yes, then this prayer conference is for you. Discover the power of prayer to change your life. You’ll learn the why, when, where and how of prayer. (Don't worry, you will not be asked to pray aloud!)
•Discover the power of prayer in your personal circumstances.
•Understand the various methods of prayer that suit your lifestyle.
•When God seems distant, learn to persevere in prayer for His answers.


Dressed to the Nines!

Accessorize Your Faith for Spiritual Success

Are you stuck in your spiritual journey? Do you desire to go to the next level? Are you experiencing a “dark night of the soul?” In this event, Susanne will help you overcome the shadows that follow you in your walk with Jesus. She will share how to dress for spiritual success based on biblical truths. “Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them throughout your life." (Ephesians 6:14-17 MSG)

•When doubt arises, discover how to strengthen your faith.
•Learn to fight spiritual complacency and become a fully devoted follower of Christ.
•Dark nights of the soul happen--discover how to endure for the “joy-filled morning.”
•Activate the necessary accessories for spiritual success.


Single Sessions

Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll World
The Truth about Beauty
Are we ever satisfied? We wish our bodies were more like Barbie’s and less like Raggedy Ann’s. Our closets overflow with stuff purchased on credit cards. We compare our families and believe we are the only ones living in dysfunction. Why can’t we be content? Where is the abundant life that Jesus promised? This presentation, "Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll World" will help you to discover contentment with your own everyday circumstances. In this message, Susanne will teach you to:

•  Accept how God created you and rise above our unrealistic cultural standards.
•  Uncover your inner beauty thereby magnifying and enhancing your interpersonal relationships.
•  Share the unique love in your heart to encourage others who feel rejected.

Friends come in all sizes and types, some are healthy friendship others are not. Susanne will share the biblical foundations and truths of women’s friendships. Cups of Friendships works well with events such as teas or a coffee shop themed events. In Cups of Friendships you will discover how to:
  • Overcome unhealthy relationships and replace them soul- refreshing friendships.
  • Learn to experience a deeper level of friendship which is Christ centered.
  • Discover how to become a friend that is worthy of others' trust and loyalty.


Christmas Topics

Sweet Potato Times
Sweeten the Memories with Faith and Family

Every family event carries the potential for conflict—especially during the holidays. In this message Susanne will help you de-stress your holidays by giving you three steps to cope with the family, the expectations and the busyness.

•Instead of dread, learn to experience holiday get-togethers with faith, hope, and joy.
•Discover how to refuse the dictates of holiday stress and then make sweet memories.
Leadership Topics

Footprints of Leadership Workshop
Susanne served as women’s ministry director for four years, in addition to working as an office manager in the secular world. She will teach your leaders the importance of servant leadership, as well as guide your ministry leaders on how to recruit and keep volunteers.

Writers' Workshops
Short Bread—How to Write Great Devotionals

Devotional writing can give a small slice of the Bread of Life to a busy woman's soul. Although devotionals are short, they are not easy to write. This workshop instructs writers on how to write devotionals that are unique, life changing, and worthy of publication. Editors look for specific ingredients when publishing devotionals. This class will give you tips on how to create devotionals that not only give meaningful nourishment to the reader, but also catch an editor’s eye.
•Discover the key to write meaningful devotionals
•Learn the accurate structure for a devotional writing.
•Learn the necessary do's and don’ts of writing devotionals for publication.

Pathway to Publication

In the beginning …The Writer’s Market Guide created light out of the author’s darkness. Do you have questions about how to contact, submit, track, and contract your material for publication? This simple systematic approach will launch you on the path to publication.

  • Learn how to submit your articles and manuscripts correctly.

  • Discover the knowledge of how to rejoice in rejection.

  • Learn how to keep accurate writing records and understand your “rights”.

  • Find out how to maintain your peace, purpose, and perspective while submitting your writing.

Brick-by-Brick Bible Studies

Cement your biblical knowledge with the correct techniques of writing a Bible study. Learn how to use Scripture to motivate your reader to life-change in each lesson. Gain more proficiency on how to blueprint and format your Bible study, so an editor will recognize your biblical expertise and superior writing craft.

•  Discover how to determine a unique and marketable idea for a Bible study.
•  Learn to structure your proposal/manuscript so that it catches and editor’s eye.
•  Find out the type of sidebars and callouts that will set apart your writing.

Please Note:  Susanne develops material on an ongoing basis and can customize a presentation based on your group's interests, needs and requests.