Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Next Generation--Encourage Her Now!

Do you dream about speaking or writing? Do you wish that you had pursued your dream earlier? I certainly do. I wanted to be a writer at the age of fourteen. Decades later I finally began the pursuit of my writing dream.

I hear about young women who hold a passion for Christ and want to dedicate their lives to His service. Just on Monday, I spoke with a mom whose daughter has the gift of writing. I told her to encourage her--put her in a writing class somewhere!

Now there is the problem--finding that type of creative outlet for young women. Proverbs 31 Ministries has the solution. We provide Next Generation, which is held during the same time as our She Speaks Conference. Please let me encourage you to bring your daughter, niece, granchild, etc. to Next Generation. They will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with nationally known authors and speakers. They will catch a glimpse of dreams coming true. Each young woman will be loved upon and encouraged to follow her heart.

I feel passionately about this opportunity. One of my nieces showed amazing talent to write in her teen years. But life took over and she has shelved the gift of writing words to work in a mundane job. I wish I could've provided an outlet for her dreams. I wish I hadn't waited so long.

Take the opportunity of Next Generation to fulfill a dream of someone you know! Register her online at


Jessica Kirkland said...

I wish I would have attended as a teen as well. Although I have a wedding on schedule during this year's conference, I am definitely coming to P31 next year...can't wait!

Crystal said...

My daughter and I attended P31's writing conference last summer. Four years ago, I placed attending the conference on my "five year goal" chart. Two years ago I actually began making a small amount of money with my writing - not yet enough to pay for the conference or the trip. My daughter, who turned 17 in Jan. of 2008, had been working on raising money for a trip to Peru with Focus on the Family. She fell short of her goal for the trip to Peru, but it only took her about three days to decide that she would do something worthwhile with that money. SHE found the info about Next Generation, and asked to attend. The very same day, I received a check in the mail from a relative for $250 with a note saying that she didn't know why she was sending me this money, but felt led to do so. I told my daughter, "You're going to Next Generation, and I'm going, too." The conference was so helpful and inspirational to us both. Since then, my writing business has increased, and my daughter was named assistant editor of her high school newspaper. She has even begun to be published and paid for her work on a limited basis. My daughter's willingess to follow the Lord's leading without hesitation was an important lesson for us both. We will remember it always, and hope to do it again. Next time, we'll be attending the same conference together. :)