Monday, June 8, 2009

Humpty Dumpty continued

Yesterday I wrote about falling down and blacking my eye, bruising my face, and probably breaking my nose. But as weird as all that is, it is the stares that I am getting from others that are most disturbing. Women especially seem to give me a second look. I see the look of concern and anger cross their faces. I can tell they are thinking, "Her husband hit her."

This weekend I went out with my husband on his Harley motorcycle. Of course, we were dressed in black leather (at least it matched my black eye) and all the other Harley gear. We stopped by a Starbucks and people looked up as two "Harley riders" strode in dressed in black boots, leather jackets, etc. I took off my helmet and immediately I saw the frowns and disgusted looks at my sweet husband. Now, my guy couldn't spank the kids, let alone punch his wife. But the misconception was there. It's been an interesting time to observe human reactions.

I know many, many times I have thought the worst when I have seen bruises, casts, and such on women or children. And I know the thoughts will probably still cross my mind because of the prevalence of domestic violence in our culture. There is never any excuse for physical brutality to anyone. However, at the same time I hope I have learned not to jump to immediate conclusions. I hope the Lord grants me discernment to assess the situation correctly and the wisdom to know the appropriate action or response.

For now, I am very thankful that BIG sunglasses are in vogue.


Van said...

Good morning, sweet faith struggling, stumbling friend. I'm horrified at your fall! Let me see your nose - is it really broken? I also want you to post pics of the two of you in harley gear. I bet you look hot together - my P31 sis in motorcycle gear - you roll. Seriously - I'll join you on the journey of faith. Hugs

Mags said...

I just read your devotion on faith struggling...I want you to know how timely our Father in heaven is. I have struggled for a week now watching a family struggle through a crisis that I and some others saw all the preventative measures prior to the crisis happening. It is a heart wrenching struggle for them and it hard to watch them go through the painful steps of healing. God spoke to me this morning through Streams in the Desert centered on Rom 8:28 and He confirmed my thoughts with your devotion. Thank you for putting your heart and understanding to paper so that I and others could grow our faith a little more.