Thursday, June 18, 2009

Babbling About Books--Thursday--This Year You Write Your Novel

This Year You Write Your Novel
Walter Mosely
Publisher: Machette Books

This year I plan to write a young adult novel. Well, that was the plan on January 1st, but I got bogged down and couldn’t seem to figure out how to get the words onto paper. Fiction is a new genre for me. I will definitely stick to non-fiction for publication, but writing this novel is one of my dreams.

Anyway, I found a great book to jump start the fiction writer—This Year You Write Your Novel. The book's fast-paced format makes it an easy read. Mosely touches briefly on each of the elements of fiction—plot, story, character, and voice. My favorite part was the voice of the narrator. I learned a lot!

If you want to know more about the craft of writing, this is a quick book to jump start your motivation. Now do I want to use a metaphor or a simile?

This Year You Write Your Novel is like a jumper cable: from the book to your brain to your computer.

See you tomorrow on the The Writer’s Porch.

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