Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Helmet Hair!

This past weekend I rode behind my man on his Harley Davidson.  Our friends, Harlan and Carol joined us as we toured southern Utah.  We saw  beautiful country and had some great meals.  This picture was taken at Oscar's just outside Zion National Park.

Now because I always wear my helmet, state law or not, my hair is a wreck.  There is no way around it--helmets create hair disasters.  As you can see, I wear a bandana or better known as a doo-rag.  It is NOT attractive.  Now my husband, he wears a ball cap to hide his helmet hair; oh wait, he doesn't have hair. :) 

My friend, Carol, cut her hair in a pixie and it's as cute as it can be.  She takes off the helmet,  runs her fingers through her hair--fluff--spike--darling. Sigh, I don't think my hair will spike up like hers. 

Ponytails, clips, etc. do not work because of the pressure point they put on your skull from the head squishing headgear.  Motorcycle Mamas, I need your help here.  Does anyone know how to avoid this small dilemma? I would appreciate your advice. 

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our "adventure" in Zion.

Travel Mercies,


Van said...

Can't wait to hear about the adventure. I will never forget my trip to Zion- made me want to step right into the real Zion- heaven!

Kathy said...

I've had many, many moments of helmet hair from riding behind my beloved on the bike. I know of nothing to make it better - my fine hair doesn't do well, so I understand the uncomfortable, I look horrid, feeling you have when you slip on the bandana. Our own perspective is always a bit off though, don't you think? I think you look cute in the do-rag. And, big point here - if your hubby thinks it's good, you should too. Enjoy the ride.