Thursday, September 9, 2010

Book Review--Angry Conversations with God

This is one of my favorite Christian books of all time. Susan Isaacs' clever idea to bring God into couple counseling and allow us to "listen" was hilarious. 
I loved this book. It's witty. It's inspiring with the ache of truth about our doubts of God's love for us. After reading it, I listened to it on my ipod. Both versions were good. If you are looking for a fresh look at your relationship with God, then read Angry Conversations with God. It especially works if you are a "middle-class white girl."

The book reveals God's mercy in circumstances we don't understand.  It's a great read if you like humorous and honest memoirs.  Plus, the writing is terrific.

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Wander said...

Funny! I'm definitely a middle aged white girl! So, I must read this!