Thursday, September 23, 2010

Horse of a Different Color--Pink

This week I have rambled about helmet hair and roadway hassles, but the truth is these shouldn't even be considered minor inconveniences.  Not when there is still not a cure for cancer. October is national breast cancer awareness month. In the fight against breast cancer, this past weekend at the local rodeo in St. George, Utah they painted the wall of the arena pink and everyone was asked to wear pink--even the rough and tumble cowboys.  Cool thing was--they did. 

Here's a picture of the arena before the events started.  Can you see the pink railing?  All the pink shirts?  And what about the horse with a special pink coat?  The historic Dixie Sunbowl was filled to capacity with people all dressed in pink to bring awareness about  the need to find a cure for breast cancer.
I have several friends who are currently battling this horrific disease. It breaks my heart every time I hear of someone else being diagnosed.  But my heart is blessed when I see people who care enough to donate to research to  help find a cure and prevent breast cancer. 

This one is for you, Vern.

Think Pink--Donate!

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