Monday, September 13, 2010

Nebraska Revisited

Nebraska happens to be one of my favorite States.  The primary reason is because one of my daughter-in-loves is from Nebraska.  I adore her and and her family--especially her mama.  So, that happens to influence me a bit. I usually drive across the entire state of Nebraska at least once a year on my way to Minnesota to visit family. 

I travel I-80 which is like drving on a washboard, but other than that small annoyance, it's a great trip.  I have plotted out every Startbucks and Runza. (My husband charts the Dairy Queens.)  Wait!  Did I hear you ask, "What is Runza?"  Good question.

A runza is a midwest meat pie.  It is seasoned meat swaddled in a semi-sweet dough and then baked.  It comes with or without cheese and is served with a dip.  (Midwestern preference seems to be Dorothy Lynch.)  I prefer mine without dipping sauce.  Since runzas are standard midwest fare, of course, someone began a Runza franchise.  So that is where I obtain my fix for runzas.  I eat one at a restauarant and then order 1/2 dozen frozen ones to go.  They are prepackaged with baking instructions.

Watch tomorrow for how to make runza at home.  They are tasty too, but a bit more work. 
Travel Mercies,

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Stephanie Brandt said...

Love it! Did you know I just made runzas yesterday? I gave a bunch to friends at church who had never heard of them. We'll see if they liked them or not!