Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life in Las Vegas--Continued

Recently I read one of my favorite bloggers, Tony Woodlief. He wrote a blog about Las Vegas and titled it “The City Where No One Smiles.” The link is It was an excellent commentary about the tourists who visit the Strip and the emptiness in their hearts. He wrote of the people sitting in the casinos, “All had flown to Las Vegas, the sleepless city; the city that knows how to keep a secret, the city of lights and fortunes, and every blessed one of them looked liked someone waiting execution.” He goes on to say they are trying to fill the “great Empty.”

Unfortunately, what Mr. Woodlief says is quite true. Fortunately, Las Vegas does have hundreds of thousands of people who smile, because they have found the great Fulfillment—Jesus Christ. Although this is a dark city of sin, we also have the some of the brightest lights in the world—our Christian churches. Our churches love God and love people.

For those people who are empty, they just might discover the smile of their soul. Because when the empty hearts step into the light of World, smiles illuminate their souls even in Las Vegas.

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Sonya said...

Thank you for your postings on Las Vegas. It is encouraging to know that God has not forsaken that city. The picture we see is simply the one that the media portrays. What an encouragement that God has had you raise up God fearing children to go into the city and claim those lost souls! They are "looking for love in all the wrong places" and they need the love of a Savior, the love of God! Keep shining your light in Las Vegas!