Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanishing Bookstores--Disappearing Books

My favorite Christian bookstore vanished. I am in Minnesota and went to my favorite Christian bookstore--Northwestern Christian Bookstore. Poof! No longer there. It is now a Lifeway bookstore. Now I adore Lifeway stores, but the Northwestern store had a certain eclectic charm to it. Sigh.

Then today I read on Chip Macgregor's blog that non-fiction books are struggling due to the Internet and the economy. Honestly, it makes so much sense to me. If I am looking for information, the first place I go is to the Internet. It is very rare that I buy a non-fiction book now. A few years ago, I bought several a month. Interesting change in my own reading habits. Have you seen a change in your own reading style?

However on the fiction side of books, I am enjoying a variety of good books. Some Christian publishers, some general publishers. I am happy to say that Christian fiction now has wonderful books in all different genres. I just finished Dead Reckoning by Roni Kendig. It is a thriller that will keep you turning the page. Let's just say it has murder and mayhem. I recommend it if you like thrillers. If you are looking for good Christian fiction check out our She Reads, we have a list of titles that will intrigue your literary taste. http://www.shereads.org/

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