Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top Ten Favorites of Minnesota

Although I live in Las Vegas, I spend a lot of time in Minnesota. Since, I write so often about it, I decided I would list the my top 10 favorite things.
10. Wonderful libraries.
9. The four distinct seasons
8. Uptown--eclectic shopping/dining/living area in Minneapolis
7. The community attitude of Minnesota--Go Twins!
6. Minnesota State Fair
5. The trees and all the the lakes and rivers
4. Dunn Brothers Coffee--especially the one in Anoka.
3 . The people are so nice--Minnesota nice.
2. My granddaughters--Emily Susanne & Brianna Meg
1. My son, Jeremy, and his wife Stephanie.
We will be leaving Minnesota in just a few days. I plan on enjoying every last minute.


A said...

The Twins and the Vikings! I grew up in North Dakota and married a military man. Minnesota holds many great memories for me. My great-grandparents lived in the beautiful state of Minnesota! Enjoy your time with you family!

Rachel Olsen said...

I totaly enjoy when you blog about your travels! So cool that you ride around this great country in your RV. :)