Monday, August 16, 2010

Internet Interrupted

I had withdrawal symptoms. There were no internet connections and I am addicted to wireless communications. I have been on a road trip with my husband where we ventured through much of Montana including the glorious Glacier National Park. It was beautiful, but for the most part, we had no wireless communication. Even cell phone reception was sketchy. I developed a new syndrome—Internet Interrupted. (For the record, so did my husband.)

Now I thought it would be fine. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be disconnected for a few days? Then I’d log on and everything would be up to speed. No so much. I have been without wireless communication for a week Ugh! Every so often, my husband would grab our cell phones to see if we might have service. Invariably, the phones would say, “No Service.” We pulled into our campground and no Internet connection. It felt weird, kind of like a Stephen King story or something. I even imagined my skin was itchy due to the internet interruption.

Of course, because I couldn’t connect. I thought of a bazillion things I just HAD to do via wireless connection. Emails, phone calls, blog post, you name it, I thought of how much I needed to do.
Anxiety began to set in around the fourth day. We pulled into our campground in East Glacier, Montana around and few little bars of service appeared on our cell phones. My husband grabbed his phone and wanted to post something on Facebook. Ha! There wasn’t enough of a connection to post anything anywhere. I had some relatives who were in Glacier National Park and we couldn’t reach them by cell phone in their motel—Internet interrupted.

Now I am with AT&T and I have always been quite satisfied with their service. However, I do think the commercial stating that Verizon has more coverage areas than AT&T is accurate. My relatives with Verizon did seem to have an easier time with their cell phones connecting. (Sorry, AT&T, I am just saying.) Anyway, tonight we are still on the road, but finally managed to find some Wi-Fi service. So, for the past couple of hours I have answered emails, sent emails, blogged and surfed the Internet. I have to admit it was great to reconnect!

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