Friday, August 20, 2010

The Writer's Porch

Why is it that we writers are such procrastinators? I can have a whole day set aside to write--but then the laundry calls, my friends call, or I call my friends. Or the dogs need to be walked or the bills need to be paid--immediately. Before I know it the day has whittled away to 10 minutes of writing time.

Honestly, many writers need to leave their homes to write. Do I understand it? Absolutely. For myself, I find writing in coffee shops inspirational. My favorite is Dunn Brothers in Ramsey, Minnesota. (That's where I go when I visit my son and his sweet family.) Here are some pics of Dunn Brothers. Not only is the writing ambiance perfect, but they serve the best Cafe Americanos. I love sitting, sipping, & storying here. (Is "storying" a word?)

When I am in Vegas my choice is Borders right off of the 215 & Charleston.

Why I can't seem to do this at home, I don't know. But being out and about seems to put me in the writing mode. (The writer's muse works better in a coffee shop, with a jolt of caffeine.)

Where do you like to write? Share your favorite spots.


Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

This may sound crazy but my husband is a whitetail deer hunter so I love to go into the woods with him and write. The peacefulness of the early morning along with the beauty of the woods inspires my writing.

Melissa said...

I just saw Marybeth today at Barnes and Noble in their coffee shop. We both agreed it is our "office".

Reading all week about you going to Dunn Bros has made me want to go there too! We don't have that here.

Love you friend,