Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunflower Summer

My mother always says, “You know summer is over when the sunflowers line the road.” I have been traveling home from Minnesota the past few days and the sunflowers are everywhere. It’s the strangest thing, we’ve been gone almost five weeks in a motorhome, but as I stepped back through my front door, it feels like I haven’t been gone but a few hours. Time flies.

I can’t believe my long awaited roadtrip is over. It seems impossible that summer is finished already. During this summer of 2009, I lost a dear friend to cancer. I bought two new puppies after my old dog died. I have worked hard and played hard. It was a time for laugher and a time for tears.

I have been very reflective this summer. I have realized the truth of “our life is but a breath.” I want to live my life to the fullest. I don’t want to wake up ten years from now and see the sunflowers on the road and wish I had taken a different path. I even read Dr. Phil’s book, Self-Matters. Certainly, I don’t agree with much of the stuff he wrote, but I do believe that we are put on this earth to fulfill a purpose—not our own purpose, but God’s purpose for us. The dilemma is finding that path.

Recently, I had a big decision to make. I called one of my friends who has been gifted with wisdom. She said, “Susanne, I can’t believe that the Lord would just drop this in your lap. Hasn’t He been whispering quietly to your heart about this already?” Hmmm. . . yes, He has. Case closed, decision made.

What are your thoughts as we close the summer of 2009? What's your purpose? Have you made any decisions?

Keep a Heart-Print Faith,


Wendy Blight said...


Love your post! I too had those thoughts these past weeks...not so much about my purpose but about the legacy I would leave behind...most especially as it concerns my words and my actions. I know the right words to say and good things to do. But am I doing them??? The Lord led me to several areas that I am NOT living up to His desires for me in these areas. And it was not in a condemning or guilt-inducing way, but in a beautiful way. I know you understand.

Love you, friend,


Joan said...


I've done a lot of reflecting this summer myself. Time passes quickly and like you, I don't want to have regrets about a path not taken.

Sometimes I'm afraid to step out on faith and I've been thinking a lot about this lately. God has been speaking to me about "letting my light shine". After all, it is for His glory, not mine.

Anonymous said...

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