Monday, September 21, 2009


If I asked a twelve-year-old what cursive writing is, she may think it is writing with swear words in it. Now I am the first to admit that the only time I ever use cursive writing is when I sign my signature—a check, loan documents, a birthday card. It is also a good thing that I don’t use cursive writing, because mine is illegible. (I never did get an A for penmanship.) Yet who would have thought that cursive writing would ever become obsolete.

I read an article yesterday stating that cursive writing is now only taught for one year and that is usually 3rd grade. (The links to these articles are below.) When I was a kid the fading of cursive writing would have made me quite glad, but now makes me sad to think that so many things in my own lifetime have drifted away into antiquity. For instance, phones with curly stretchy cords, typewriters, green pet turtles, plastic hair rollers, fried liver with onions, strap-on roller-skates and riding a stingray bicycle without a helmet. And last but not least, the traditional college experience is giving way to online college courses. Imagine completing your Ph.D. in your jammies!

I must admit I have contributed to the decline of certain items—CDs to i-pod, books to Kindle, typewriter to computer and land line to cell phone. I wouldn’t change one thing about all my electronics—I adore them. And I think doing college from home sounds wonderful.

With all that being said, we can rest assured that one thing will never change. The word of Christ does not fade away. So I encourage you to study your Bible today. Read a Psalm, memorize a Proverb, or study a parable of Jesus. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. Mark 13:31 (NIV)

Is there something that you miss from times gone by?

Below are the links to the articles that I referenced.

Keep the Heart-Print Faith,


Stephanie Brandt said...

Just so you know, Laurie got some strap-on roller skates for Molly this year. They're not like the old metal ones I used to have (they're pink plastic) but the same idea!

Margaret said...

I bet Molly doesn't have to wear a skate key on a ribbon around her neck so she can tighten up her skates when they get loose from all the skating!

How about the change from records to 8-tracks to CD's?