Friday, September 25, 2009

Minnesota Fun

Hi, my name is Steph and today I am writing on Susanne's behalf, as she is busy at the D6 Conference in Dallas this week (with no internet!) I am Susanne's assistant, but more importantly, her "daughter-in-love!" Today I thought I would give you a glimpse of grandma Susanne.

Susanne lives in Las Vegas, but lucky for us she visits often (we live in Minnesota.) Here she is reading a book to her grandchildren, with her 3 dogs at her side. It can't get much better than that for grandma!

Susanne has two boys -- one of them is a Cowboys fan and the other a Raiders fan. As you can see, the guys have passed that down to their kids. Here is my daughter Bri and her cousin Michael. They are only 2 months apart and the cutest things you've ever seen together. Ok, maybe I'm a little biased. I know grandma is, too!

What would a trip to Minnesota be without a trip to "The Great Minnesota Get-Together" -- the State Fair. This might've been the highlight of our time together; we had a blast. Here was Susanne's favorite food at the fair -- cheese curds!

Here is grandma with our other daughter, Emily Susanne.
Thanks for joining me today! Susanne will be back next week on The Writer's Porch!



Margaret said...

Great post from you gals!

Lynn Cowell said...

I loved this! Some of those cuties look like Susanne! Thanks for sharing.

suzi.wollman said...

I could have stayed right here for hours reading about my friend and mentor, Suzanne. It's so much fun getting to know her. I wish I had registered for the D6, because I live in Dallas and would have loved to meet her in person. I'm always hungry for her next article. Thanks for sharing, and be sure to tell her that I thought you did a great job!

r. k. said...

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