Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Time Bible Study

For several years I attended Bible Study Fellowship to learn about the Bible and fellowship with friends. This program runs from September to May every year. Every summer I would determine to keep on with some type of Bible study, but usually about the third week in June it would fizzle.

By the time September rolled around, I was out of sorts with myself and feeling spiritually dry. Over the course of about five years, I finally found the answer. Stay plugged into some type of organized Bible study or small group.

So how do you find one? I have the answer. I would like to share with you an online study starting on June 17th. The leader will be Proverbs 31 Ministries own Wendy Blight. The study will be on her new released book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. Check out her blog (http://www.wendyblight.com/) to find out all the details. It's the perfect place to land for the summer until your regular Bible study returns in the fall.

On Thursday I will be highlighting Wendy's book on Babbling about Books. Hope to see you then to learn more about Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner.

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