Monday, May 18, 2009

Farrah--My Thoughts

I watched the Farrah Fawcett documentary last week. It brought back memories of Charlie’s Angels and my dreams to be beautiful like Farrah. All right, I admit 30 years ago I was a Farrah Fawcett wanna be—I especially longed for her blonde, layered locks. However, I did not have the poster that sold millions of copies hanging on my wall, though.

But life and time is a great equalizer. As I watched her struggles, it was a reminder that no matter how golden a person’s life seems to be, in the end we are all just human. Only God controls our lives and our destinies.

I lay in bed last night and read from the book, Jesus Calling. (I highly recommend it.) As I read the Scripture verses and the devotional thoughts it brought such peace to me. For all of us, Jesus is only a prayer away. He speaks comfort that only He can give. I think of the Apostle Paul’s words in Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Although the battle against death is terrible here on earth, the promise we have as followers of Christ is that in eternity it will be better than we can imagine.

I do not know where Farrah is spiritually. But I pray that Farrah has found true peace in our God and Lord Jesus Christ.


My Journey to Hope said...

Your devotional today was a great reminder of God's goodness, in spite of our circumstances. I can't imagine what your friend is having to deal with. I'm horrified by it, in fact. But I've come to believe- to choose to believe- in the fact of God's goodness no matter what. Thanks for a good reminder!


Toni said...

thank you for the devotional you pposted on Proverbs 31 today, we are going through some very difficult times- nothing like your dear friend my heart aches for her and my prayers will be with her-, and it was waht I needed to hear, god is truly always good an he will make our lemons into lemonade if we let him:-)

I too watched Farrah when I was younger and did have a do like hers at one time,lol. I too pray she is or will soon be walking with Jesus through the end of her earthly journey

Anonymous said...

Hello Susanne,
The Devotional today was truly a wake up call that somethings are inevitable and even in the midst of a loss we have to hold on to the Lord, and depsite tradegies like these are hard to grasp with our physical minds, christ is and always walk with us. I know that. The senseless act will not go without justice. I pray for your friend that in the midst of all this pain God will comfort her with a blanket of peace and Godly love. God Bless you and all of existence.

Vern ~ Inspired said...

Your devotional had wonderful reminders! I love David Jeremiah's words - where he says that the pursuit of God has no shortcuts. We must keep walking, yearning and seeking!