Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Babbling about Books--Thursday

The Help
Kathryn Stockett

You will probably hear me say this often—“This is one of my favorite books!” The Help is certainly one of my favorite reads this year. A friend had heard great reviews about it, so I downloaded it to my Kindle.

I couldn’t put it down. It is a fiction book based on the civil rights issues in the 1960's. The story is compelling, but moves along with a humor and lightness. The main characters are funny and touching.

As the reader you turn page to page wondering, Where is the plot going to go? What is going to happen to these unique characters of Skeeter, a white woman, writing the memoirs of the two black maids Aibileen and Minny? The twists and turns surprise and delight the reader. It’s been a hit in the reading world. It’s currently #13 on the New York Times Best Sellers.

I am going to recommend this book to my book club. It’s an entertaining yet educational book. The Help is a wonderful book for discussion. It is not yet in paperback since it just released this year, so check it out of your local library—enjoy!

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