Sunday, March 22, 2009

Questions about Air Travel

After attending the Christian Book Expo, I am sitting in the Dallas airport (DFW). Sitting here waiting for my flight, several questions have popped into my thoughts.

Why are airports so cold? Do they think the passengers are overheated after taking off their jackets and shoes when passing through security?

Why do airports not have enough seating for waiting passengers at the gate? Do they not want us to sit too long because of possible blood clots due to lack of leg room on plane?

But wait—now it’s a gate change. Not only a gate change, but a terminal change. Off we go, more than 100 passengers trying to squeeze onto the DFW Skylink to Terminal A. Ah—I get it! It is our exercise for the day.

Now we sit and wait again. People are shifting around, buying books, coffee, and boxed pizza in anticipation of a “fun” flight home. What do you suppose is the average expenditure spent at an airport while waiting for flights? (Including the bottled water, because it cannot be carried through security. )

I am now aboard the plane. This is a first! My seat leans backward. Usually, the button for my seat will not allow my seat to recline. Oh, but this is special—this one swings back without my help. My apologies to Mr. Passenger behind me. If having your seat back upright is VERY important according the flight attendants, why is mine OK to lean backwards during the entire flight?

I just realized I have lost my new pink neck pillow. I believe it must have fallen during the rush for the gate change. Why do these $20 neck pillows not have a clip or latch to hook it to your carry-on?

Why do airplanes go from stifling hot (unthawing frozen passengers) to freezing cold during the flights? (“Oh, I am sorry we don’t have any more blankets.")

Ah, the joys of air travel! Although I write this with a tongue in cheek attitude, I am grateful that I will be home in 2 ½ hours. Yippee! It’s worth it, right?

OH NO! We’re delayed for at least an hour. They won’t let us off the plane, because why?

Thank you, Lord, for electronics--I-pod, I-phone, laptop, and an audio book. What would I do without them? Smiles!

Home at last—2 hours late—but home. Thanks to the wonderful American Airline pilots who landed the plane with barely a bump, although the wind was gusting up to 60 miles an hour. Good job! Air travel can be tedious, but the pilots and flight attendants do a great job.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made it back home eventually. 2 hours late? - not bad! My daughter went back to college today and she was only 15 hours late!! Gotta love those mysterious cancellations!
My favorite airline travel thing is how the airlines have started charging for checked baggage, virtually insuring that more people will bring more (and extremely large and heavy) carry-on's that are stuffed into the overheads and hover precariously close to passengers' heads as these monster bags are dug out from above!!

So sorry to hear about Mocha....s/he will surely be mightily missed.
s in IL

Lynn Cowell said...

Thank you so much for your devo today. With two teens and one pre-teen, some days I just find myself exhausted and sad. Thank you for the reminder that I am not the only one on the planet who struggles with this. You give me hope that one day my kids will passionately follow Jesus and I will be rejoicing!

Lynn Cowell said...

PS I haven't been here since you got your new look! I love it!

Suzanne Eller said...

It was nice talking to you in Dallas.

It's only a 4.5 hour drive for me, so we took the scenic route and chatted while we enjoyed the Oklahoma and Texas scenery. Loved the Expo and especially hanging out with fellow P31 women. I appreciate each of you.

The other Suzanne!