Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Buzz on Books

Digital Books?

One of the hot topics at the Christian Book Expo was the new e-readers -- products like the Amazon’s Kindle 2 and the Sony reader. These are, for lack of a better description, books on a device similar to an audio MP3 device. The devices can hold thousands of books at a time, are the size of a small paperback book and have the “feel” of reading a paper book--not a computer screen.

It seems odd to me, but then I felt the same way about my i-pod originally. Now I have i-pod withdrawals if I do not have it clipped to me.

The publishing industry insists that this is the way books will eventually be published. Universities and colleges have taken to this concept like white on rice. Students no longer need to carry 50 pound book bags on aching shoulders. They can download books immediately and usually at a cheaper cost—no paper, no binding, etc.

Now I haven’t actually held one of the devices yet. But soon! A friend in my monthly book club just purchased one. All the rest of us can’t wait to give it a test drive. (By the way, we are reading, Loving Frank). It’s a novel about Frank Lloyd Wright—so far I like it.

I would love to know your thoughts on digital readers. Do you have one? Do you think they are worth the money? ($350) Would you miss the smell and feel of a good traditional book? Let me know your thoughts.

*Are digital books the way of our future?
*Do you own a Kindle or Sony Reader?
*How do you think digital books will change our children’s reading habits?

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K_dubzzz said...

I do not own an electronic reading device, yet. I do like the idea of taking a bunch of books with me, the size of one.

However, I WOULD go through withdrawls. I love the feel and smell of books!!! Of course, not the old moldy ones. :-) I like to make notes in my own books and also let friends borrow them.

I'm going to stick to my favorite style of books, the ones with paper inside.