Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And God Shows Up

God cares about His girls.  This past weekend God showed up for His 400 girls in Williams, Arizona.  The retreat was held at the Young Life Camp.   The facility is absolutely amazing. 

Lots of girls means lots of laughter.  The shrieks that issued from the zipline and the swinging chair made me crack-up.  (I have to admit I wasn't brave enough to attempt either.) 
Then the music...how do I even begin to describe Hosanna.  Five women who can sing like angels and with the ability to bring women right to the throne room of God.  And God looked down and smiled on us. His Holy Presence enveloped us.

Even in our laughter, especially when I said, "thong of women" instead of  "throng of women" I believe every woman was touched in some new and personal way by Jesus.  He challenged us in so many ways, but especially to go out and share our personal stories, so that others can learn of the grace and mercy of Jesus.  Each of our lives are miracles.  Can I hear an amen?

Women of Arizona you blessed my Vegas heart!


Margaret said...

Sounds like a beautiful weekend!

Teresa said...

THANK YOU for coming to Lost Canyon and blessing our hearts!

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

How sweet when God's presence is so strong!