Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doggy Dental and Life

Yesterday, I was supposed to go to my Bible study group. It would have been the first time back, since before Christmas. But life happened, I didn't make it there. It was a bad day to miss, since they were celebrating my birthday that fell during the Christmas break.

Here's what happened. I took my little dog, Jasmine, to the vet for a "dental check-up." I thought I would pick her back up around 4:00 in the afternoon, take her home and go to my small group.

She shivered and shook as I carried her in to the doctor/dentist. I mentioned that her breath smelled BAD. The vet literally stuck his nose in her mouth, breathed deeply, and then murmured. Hmmm. He asked me several questions. Sniffed some more and announced that she had the beginnings of kidney failure. He could diagnose this by smelling my dog's breath?

By three in the afternoon, sure enough two different tests proved his diagnosis. My little old dog is in the beginning of kidney disease. Because of the delay for diagnostics she wasn't ready to go home until 6:00. My study starts at 6:00, so there was no way I was going to make it in time. I drove home with a groggy dog with a sore mouth, kidney disease and three different medications to give her each day.

Isn't life like that? You expect something simple and it turns into something much more complicated. So my day ended up by picking up my dog with first stage kidney failure and eight pulled teeth. I missed Bible study and the birthday cake.

It wasn't a horrible day, just a day when life happened differently than I expected.

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dillo girl said...

I just stumbled upon your site through a link a friend sent me. I love the comment "It wasn't a horrible day, just a day when life happened differently than I expected." How true that is! I am working though recovery of Guillain-Barre Syndrome right now and find that each day will bring new challenges. I can choose to be frustrated by what I can no longer accomplish or look at it as an opportunity to see what God can give me strength to do. I think it's true --- most days in our lifetimes aren't really horrible -- things just happen that are different than what we expected. But I know I can trust God to lead me through each of these days and no matter that things may occur that are not in my plans, I know ultimately all things work in His plan. And for that I can rejoice, no matter what a day may bring!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!