Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Apple of My Eye

Today I realized that the apple truly does not fall far from the tree. If you have read my Bible study Perplexing Proverbs or have heard me speak this TRUE story will be familiar.

A couple of years, I determined that I would exercise more. (Hmmm, my New Year’s resolution this year, too.) A nice long walk each day became my goal. I like to walk with my two tiny Shih Tzu dogs, but they both have arthritis in their hind legs. I brainstormed a solution. I owned an old twin baby stroller. So, I plopped them in and off we went. I grabbed my sunglasses, and squinting at the bright sun, I quickly put on them on.

Another woman was walking her dog this particular morning. She stared at me a bit strangely. I grinned and said, “I know it looks ridiculous pushing these dogs in a baby stroller, but they can’t walk very far.” She nodded and then snatched her tiny Maltese dog. She strode away without another word.

After a three-mile walk, I came home quite pleased with my ingenuity. I lifted the dogs out of the twin stroller. I took off my sunglasses and placed them on the kitchen counter. To my surprise and horror, one of the dark lenses had fallen out. I realized how foolish I must have looked. Strolling two dogs in a baby stroller and staring out of sunglasses missing a lens. No wonder the woman grabbed her dog and high tailed it away from me.

I laughed until my sides ached. Now I see that my “peculiarities” run in the family. This is a picture of my grandson, Michael.

The apple of my eye fell near this his grandmaother, wouldn't you say?


Beth Deese said...

Did you pose that poor baby boy like that, Susanne? How could you? :) That is so funny. I've heard you tell that story and read it in your Bible Study too, and it still makes me laugh. You are a hoot!

Susanne Scheppmann said...

No! He did this all on his little own self. I can obtain a written "mommy and daddy" statement.

Isn't he the cutest?

Jerralea said...

That is a hilarious story!

I'm sorry, but the idea of you pushing dogs in the twin stroller makes me laugh anyway!