Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Future

At this time last week many of us were standing in a line to vote for various leaders of our nation and communities. We asked ourselves, "What is our future?"

Every generation asks that question. My father, a Marine, fought in World War II. He enlisted at the age of 17. He fought overseas for an uncertain future--but believed he could make a difference. His love for the United States never wavered. He would salute whenever our flag passed by. He was a veteran--he loved his country

What is our future? There is a simple answer to that question. Our future is our past--our veterans.

And our future is our children. Let's commit to teach them to value our United State's history and to value the freedom we have been given. Let's instill in our children--our future--the love of democracy.


Janet Roller said...

What a picture!
Thanks for sharing-

Shari Braendel said...

Hi Susanne, I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I hope you're feeling better....your blog is so pretty! I wish you lived closer so we could see you at the Christmas party...(it's not planned, but hopefully we'll have one! I just have high hopes!) Love you, shari