Friday, November 14, 2008

My Music Award to Joelle

My husband and I watched the Country Music Awards on Wednesday night. I am definately happy that Carrie Underwood won an award. She's beautiful and so was her song, "Just a Dream." She received a standing ovation.

Now I have my own standing ovation for Joelle. Joelle wrote a song in response to my Bible study, Perplexing Proverbs. Hop on over to my website and listen to it. If you would like to contact Joelle she can be contacted at: She's one in a million and I am on my feet clapping for her. THANKS, Joelle!

Now here's my go at a country western lyric.
My dog ran away down the road. Then I cried tears as big as a toad.

OK, OK, I'll keep my day job and just write books and devotions.

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Janet Roller said...

I love knowing where inspiration for songs begin! I will look her up!