Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nightmare Comes True--But Results in a Bargain

My biggest phobia is anything than crawls with six or eight legs. Just the thought of insects and spiders almost cause me to experience anxiety attack. My nightmares consist of bugs scampering across my sheets and onto my skin. I awake brushing "things" off of me and my husband, Mark, shakes to me reality "Susanne! There are no bugs"

So, I was in a store the other day considering a new computer case. I held it. I opened zippered pockets. I sniffed the new leather. I opened the bag wide to inspect its depth. Unfortunately, I disturb a very large, ink black cricket. It leapt onto my hand and twitched itself awake.

I screamed! I jerked! I danced as if I was on hot coals. I threw the bag.

The store clerk almost died of fright, too. (Not from the cricket, but by my frantic antics). She apologized repeatedly. Although she was jittery about insects too, she gallantly swept it out the door. Again, she apologized profusely.

My pounding heart slowed to a regular beat. I apologized for my over reaction to the critter.

We both stood looking at each other with embarrassment. Finally, I broke the awkward silence.

"Uh, I'll take the computer case," I said.

She responded with, "Well, I am giving you a twenty-five percent discount, for this unfortunate incident.

A nightmare come true--a bargain--I am still trying to figure out if was worth it.


Jerralea said...

That is hilarious! I could so see my daughter doing the same thing. She is terrified of crickets. She calls them Hungarian Crickets. I don't know why but she always has. When we see a bunch of them, we call them "herds of Hungarians."

I'm glad you at least got a discount out of it!

Micca said...

I HATE ANYTHING that crawls across the ground, too!!

I knew we were kindred-spirit's!!

Love you, funny gal!

Thursday's Child said...

I hate bugs. When I was 4 or 5 I walked in the empty lot next to my house and was "attacked" by giant grasshoppers. I've been scared of bugs since. Three times we've found HUGE spiders in our house in Lebanon (the size of my hand). At least they're aren't spiders like that in of the few nice things about living there.