Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Harley Hog's Wife

My guy's a Harley guy. I love him dearly, but a two week motorcycle trip across country is a bit much for me.

My husband is off on a two week motorcycle trip with one of his buddies to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (We live in Las Vegas.) So for the next couple of weeks, I am watching chick flicks, staying up late, sleeping in late, plus eating all kinds of girly type of foods.

However, I can't wait to be serving meat and potatoes to my man again. I miss him a ton.

On another note, I was asked about my thoughts on The Shack. I did blog about it a couple of months ago. I just listened to the audio version of the The Shack. My personal opinion is the book is much better than the audio version. The audio version sounded amateurish.

All right, I am signing off. I have a movie to watch.


Stephanie Brandt said...

Hi mother-in-love, glad to see a new blog again! Love it. Your granddaughters want to give you a big thanks for the Little Golden Books you sent. Emily and I have been reading 1 new one each night so far. Thanks so much!

margaret said...

We so enjoyed seeing Mark last night and eating at Texas Roadhouse--the perfect restaurant for a "Harley Hog." He's doing well. Enjoy your movies!