Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Little Boy Blue

On Saturady we celebrated my grandson, Michael's first birthday. I wondered how the year past so quickly.

Grandmommy Barb and I reminisced about what we were doing a year ago. (Waiting anxiously for baby to arrive.) We were allowed the honor and privilege of being in the delivery room. Now a year later we sat together and celebrated his life of one year.

The exceptionally talented, in all areas, Grandmommy Barb created the monkey cake.

Times flies! Enjoy your family.


margaret said...

So sweet! How could it be so soon? Enjoy.

deb giese said...

Hi Susanne, Your grandson is adorable. I am also grandma to a one year old. Anyway, I hopped here from your devotional. I have maintained a good relationship with my ex-husband. We spent the first three Christmases together following the divorce, including my new husband, to make things smoother for our kids. We didn't want them feeling like anyone was left out. Now that my new husband and I have two of our own children we have made separate traditions, but still include my first husband and his wife whenever we can. And yes, I get plenty of strange looks when people hear our story. But it is totally worth it. It takes some of the "broken" out of broken home. Thanks for encouraging us!
Deb Giese