Sunday, March 23, 2008


Over the past few days, I have heard the phrase, "He is risen!" Somewhere from the recesses of my memory the return phrase, "His is risen, indeed!" as sprung from my mouth.

Indeed! He is risen! Today for our Easter service our church had people's whose lives have been dramatically changed by the risen Christ. Dozens of people without saying a word, held signs that spoke of their previous lives before Jesus. Then they flipped the signs with the victory of Christ now in their lives.

Meth addiction--Drug free.

Insecure and unloved--Loved and secure in Jesus.


Suicidal--Abundant life.

This Easter message was so powerful. I know I often take for granted what the risen Christ has done for me. Somehow, I lose the gratitude of what took place on the Cross and accept it as my due. Lord Jesus, forgive my arrogance. Return me to wonder and amazement of the resurrection in my life. Christ is Risen--Indeed!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful visual representation of the impact of Christ in lives. My sign would say Fear - Faith. Thank you for sharing, indeed.

Angie said...

I came over from your post on Encouragement for Today (part of and wanted to thank you for such a timely devotion! It truly blessed me this morning.