Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Faith Fun

He scowled at the children. His brow furrowed into itself as the kids scooted down the hallway. Their shrieks bounced off the walls and their laughter echoed into the courtyard. He cringed and stomped down the corridor to put an end to the nonsense taking place in the church.

I was one of the children whom the “the man of God” threatened with a fire and brimstone. The lecture seemed to last for an eternity. My first thought was church was not a fun place. My next impression was that God must be like the man with the mean personality.

I now know that God loves children and laughter—thankfully.

The best influencer to bring children to the heart of God is to make Him appealing to a child’s heart. I want to make my faith fun. My three grandchildren are all under the age of two. I would like to have some suggestions for faith fun.

Anyone want to share some fun-filled, faith-filled ideas?


Anonymous said...

Spring is the best time just to take a walk outdoors and point out all the beauty of God's creation. My kids loved me taking the time just to take a walk with them.

Janet Roller said...

I once heard of a man who would, after the evening meal, bring out the Word and a small bowl of honey. When they would read a scripture, each would dip a little fingertip into the honey and have a taste. "Honey-time" created a wonderful daily family event centered around "taste and see that the Lord is good". I just love that!
And really, if daily is too daunting for busy families...maybe it could be "Thursday Honey Tasters" or "Friday Family Trips to the Honey Pot". No matter what day, it is sure to be a "sweet treat".

Christy said...

At Easter time you gotta have the "Resurrection Eggs". I've heard they're even at Walmart now. The kids love looking inside for the tiny symbols of the story of Christ's crusifixion and resurrection.

Sandy said...

My daughter's toddler teacher made resurrection rolls with her class. You take pre-packaged cresent rolls (the kind that come in a tube) and give each of the kids a triangle. This represents the tomb where they laid Jesus body, which is large marshmallow. Then his friends put oil (melted butter) and spices (sugar and cinnamon) on Jesus' body. They "sealed" the tomb. You may have to help with the step as the crescent roll must be entirely around the marshmallow so none of it seeps out buring baking. You bake the rolls according to package directions. When they have cooled enough to touch, you cut open the "tomb". The marshmallow has melted and the tomb is empty. Jesus is alive!
The kids emjoyed the activity and it made a difficult concept a little more real to them. They also enjoyed a yummy snack when the lesson was finished.

Digging for Pearls said...

Can't think of any ideas at the moment, but wanted to wish you a blessed Easter.