Monday, January 28, 2008

Unhealthy Relationship

I admit it. My relationship with my laptop computers has moved beyond healthy. Together, my laptop and I, carry on a co-dependent relationship with each other. Sadly, I am emotionally attached to my computer. For my laptop, it just feeds into the unhealthiness of my dependency.

When I am away from “laptop dearest” anxious thoughts arise. Unable to check my email, my mind drifts from the tasks at hand. And the comfort that flows when I finally sit down to type, promotes a sigh of contentment.

However, I am not the only one who seems attached to their computer. I fly around the country, a lot. I wait in airports for hours. Here is what I have noticed. At least fifty percent of people now fly with their laptops. Of course, this phenomenon slows down security for everyone, especially the person traveling with the computer. But that doesn’t seem to deter anyone. Men used to be the primary people lugging a computer through the airport, but not anymore.

Now it seems as if more women travel with their computers. I watch them place them on the security belt, hoist them back over their shoulders and hurry to the nearest electrical outlet to plug them in.

I wonder what programs and sites these women are connecting to as they sit in hard plastic chairs or on the dirty airport carpet. Are they as anxious about emails as I am? Are they visiting chat rooms, are they working, or are they just needing the comfort of their computers. Who knows? Maybe all these things apply. But, I do know that I am one of thousands of people who feel the need to be with their computer.

Strange isn’t it how electronics have changed our world within the last ten years.


Anonymous said...

Hey there...just wanted to share with you our my space stuff after reading today's devotional on its' unhealthy side. My 14 yr old deleted hers a couple months ago. I had happened to wander in while it was on...our computer is next to our living room and in open view. Anyways nothing was there from her that alarmed had sweet characters of critters and happiness oozing all over it. But the friend list had people i had never heard of. "Oh those are friends of friends from other schools"...I didn't rant and rave but I just didn't like their posts and comments...not offensive just not the kind of people I know she hangs with. When I allowed her to have her account I insisted on knowing her password and using my e-mail so I would be aware of who was sending her stuff. Turns out she deleted it on her own...her reason was she just didn't like having it...something made her uncomfortable too. I am thankful she saw something in having it that bothered her. It is something that can easily outstretch from the network we know our kids are in. Sadly I do know which of her friends are reaching out for attention from her group to others elsewhere and praying they grow deep in self confidence and not for recognition of others.

hsmomma5 said...

It is amazing how electronics have changed in ten years.

I don't have a laptop (hopefully oneday), but I experience great anxiety when being away from my desk. I don't travel much, but when I do, it "distresses" me that I can't check my email.

You are so right--this cannot be healthy!! :)

Van said...

Hi Suzanne,

I like my lap top too!! It has taken me on a journey I never dreamed I would take. I would have never - ever explored writing had it been necessary to scratch out and erase and throw away wadded piles of paper. What I really came over to say was "You tell 'em friend!" Great devo on P31 Encouragement for Today. See you soon!

MrsProverbs31 said...

Thanks for the tips in your Proverbs 31 Devotional today. When it comes to My Space, I am clueless. My daughter and son both each have one. My daughter invites me to her Facebook and Bluenet, but not My Space. I am going to ask her tonight.

Thanks again.

Melissa said...


As I write to you on my lap top...OMGsh, I so can relate to the unhealthy relationship. I have to set boundaries for myself or I will neglect things I need to do because I'm on my computer. It just sucks me in and before I know an hour or 2 has passed. Often the first thing I do when I get home is go to the computer to check my emails!

Blessings to you all the way across the country. I miss you!