Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday--The Writer's Porch


Today I finish the "Top Ten Paths to Publication." Number 10—edit-revise-edit. When you think you are finished writing let your manuscript sit. Put it in a drawer for a few days, then pull it out and read it again. Read it aloud to yourself. Listen for the rhythm and cadence of your writing. How does it sound?

Read it through and delete any unnecessary words. These will usually be adverbs. Delete the adverbs and use stronger verbs. For example:

He ran quickly to the car.
He raced to the car.

In addition, I always have at least two other people read my manuscript. Even when I read my own writing aloud, I tend to insert the words I think should be there. So by having a couple more sets of eyes read it, I will get a better final product. My husband is one of my proofers. (Now I can’t recommend that for everyone, but it works for me.) Also, my dear friend and relative, Margaret Traudt, proofs for me. She has done a great job for me, so great that she has begun to do it as a small business. If you are interested you can contact Margaret for more information at:

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