Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fraggle Rock

Twenty-five years ago, our special family night was watching Fraggle Rock. We would pop popcorn and watch the weekly show. It was produced by the late Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets. For four years Fraggle Rock ruled!

Last December I was browsing through Costco and spied the anniversary edition of Fraggle Rock. I couldn't believe it. (Actually, I had forgotten all about it until then). Right then and there, I knew what I was getting my adult kids and toddler grandchildren for Christmas. And because I couldn't stand it I bought myself a set.

I have had so much fun watching the DVDs. Now, I will admit the camera angles and production might not be up to 2009 standards. However, the sweet story lines with humor, tenderness and a moral are right up my alley. Talk about entertaining! I curl up with my bowl of popcorn and spend the evening with Sprocket, the Dozers, the Trash Heap and all sorts of eccentric characters. I fit right in "Down in Fraggle Rock."


Margaret said...

I don't know where I was 25 years ago, but I have never even heard of Fraggle Rock! But, your family nights sound like fun--especially the popcorn.

K_dubzzz said...
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K_dubzzz said...

I bought Fraggle Rock on DVD about a year ago. It had been so long since I felt that inner child, "Down in Fraggle Rock!"

Jolene said...

I am one of the kids of the Fraggle Rock eara. I am 28 years old, and I loved watching Fraggle Rock as a chile. I actually still have some Fraggle stuffed animals, including an Uncle Traveling Mac doll, that I am saving for my daughter to play with. Thank you for sharing this memory of family fun nights with us.