Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hog Tales and Dog Tails

It’s been a fun few days blogging about my husband and our adventures on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It’s been a little teasing on my part about my husband’s new hobby. But I have to be fair and say he tolerates my “hobby” with outstanding love and encouragement. No—it’s not my writing. It’s my fanatical love for animals.

My kids tell me that I am going to be one of those crazy cat ladies when I am old. They bought me a sleep shirt for Christmas that said, “Crazy Cat Woman” -- it has cats running all over it. Now, I currently don’t even own a cat, however, the truth is I would like to own lots of dogs and cats. Right now I have Jasmine and Taffy. (See photo).

But give me a pet of any type, and I am as happy as can be. I especially like the rescue type of animals. I guess I enjoy the nurturing of them. Anyway, my husband loves hog tales and I love dog tails.

My dad used to say a phrase, “Mouw found Crauw.” I am not sure of the spelling or where the term came from, but it meant “a match made in heaven.” Yup, that’s me and my guy—mouw found crauw. He's nuts about hogs and I am crazy about dogs.

Tomorrow, watch for my new Friday's blog—Susanne's Writer’s Porch. Every Friday there will be a post on writing techniques, questions and answers, and just about everything you ever wanted to know about writing and how to get published. See you tomorrow on Susanne's Writer Porch!

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