Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Babbling about Books--Thursday

The Thirteenth Tale
By Diane Setterfield
Fiction—Atria Books (Traditional publisher)

As I begin my babbling about books, I wanted to start off with one of my all time favorites, The Thirteenth Tale. It’s a page turner about a woman who loves books and writing. She was offered the opportunity to write an autobiography of a celebrated author.

The plot has several twists and turns, but the ending I could have never guessed. I had a friend who read the book and asked what I liked about it the most. I loved the twist at the end and I liked the development of the characters.

The minute I finished the book, I wanted to read another by Ms. Setterfield. But surprise! It was her first novel. I was shocked. It had a superb plot and captivating characters. (Rumor has it she is writing her next book.)

I read this novel in a book club of about ten women. Most of the women enjoyed it; a couple didn’t like it at all. If you like mystery books, I highly recommend it. It is not a “who dunnit” book, but I feel it falls into the mystery genre. I do want to forewarn that it was published by a traditional publisher, so not all the content will fall within the Christian worldview.

If you choose to read it, I would like to know your thoughts. Tomorrow—Friday—The Writers’ Porch.

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