Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Weekend of Gifts

This past weekend, I spoke at Forest Home in California for a holiday retreat. Bless those poor women's hearts--I had laryngitis and I rasped my way through the entire weekend. But the wonderful thing about serving the Lord Jesus Christ is it not about me--it is about Him.

We celebrated His upcoming birthday and His gifts to us. He is our Wonderful Counselor, the Prince of Peace and our Everlasting Father. We celebrated the gift of friendship. I am still celebrating my new friends.

Cyndie Sterner--who organized the entire event--Great job!

Mandie Pinto--who led us to the throne of God. Check out her website

Shawn Baker who used her talent of massage to help my sinus's clear up.

Quite a weekend! It blessed my Christmas stockings off!

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