Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Posse of Peeps

One of my favorites things about Christmas is that I seem to get together with most of my friends during the month of December. And we usually eat. (Isn't that part of the "merry" of Christmas?) This year I had tea with a my dear friend, Marti. She brought me a basket of homemade biscotti that looked like they came straight of biscotti bakery. Delicious!

One of the highlights was getting together with my Tuesday night Bible study group. We are a posse of peeps who love each other dearly. This summer we traveled to Myrtle Beach to laugh and sun together. For Christmas we went out to a fancy restaurant to exchange laughter and calories.

I pray that every one of my blogger friends finds a "posse of peeps" to love, laugh, and live life together in 2009.

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