Monday, April 5, 2010

Land the Plane

There is nothing like laughing with girlfriends. One Saturday night, I sat at a table with eight women. We laughed until our sides ached. Here's the coolest part, we had all only met that weekend. It happened during one of the recent retreats at Forest Home.

I am sure staying in the mountains, celebrating God's goodness and being served gourmet meals helped to induce our merriment. However, what struck me the most was the fact that total strangers could bond together,share life and laughter.

What we laughed about was the phrase,"Land the plane!" One of the women explained that her husband would imitate with his arms a plane landing when he wanted her to quit prattling on about whatever she was saying. In other words, he was saying, "Get to the point." Now I guess the hilarity came from the fact we all recognized that we might talk too much and lose our guy's interest. I told them that my husband's eyes glaze over and I know that he is no longer listening. I guess I need to "Land the plane quicker."

We eight gals sat at the table for over an hour and talked and talked. Not one of us wanted the others to land the plane. Now that is girl talk!


Margaret said...

So funny! I'm sure my husband and my girlfriends, although the latter are too nice to say anything, feel this way. I'm going to try to work on this.

Stephanie Brandt said...

That's hilarious! Jeremy just looks at me like I'm a complete idiot when I try to tell him a story that he doesn't think is that great! Oh well, some stories are only appreciated by other girlfriends.

P.S. And mom, what about your "daughters" thinking you should "land the plane"? Just kidding!

Nikole Hahn said...

I love this. There is nothing like having so much fun that you don't want that time to end.