Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Writer's Porch -- Celebration

I remember when I just couldn't wait to be published--to see my name in print. When my first book came out I shrieked, cried and celebrated. Now, four books later, the thrill is still there. However, it is a bit different. I read a blog written by Kathi Lipp on Rants & Ramblings. It made me laugh because it is so true as a published writer.

Basically, this is what she said, "Your first book, everyone wants to help you sell the book. Your friends and family are thrilled to know an author. After the first one, they yawn and say, 'That's nice.'"

So here's the deal! Let's party together over my new book, "Embraced by the Father--Finding Grace in the Names of God." During the next week, February 20-27th, purchase a copy of Embraced from my website,, and I will send you in addition a copy of a Joy Mahoney CD and a copy of my Birds in a Mustard Tree Bible study. Let's celebrate together.

How would you celebrate the release of a new book?



Karen said...

I am so proud of you and I celebrate with you your new "baby," Embraced by the Father! Whoo Hoo! I am doing the happy/praise dance!!

Love you much,

KELLY said...

Congratulations Susanne! I would celebrate by getting that book out in the hands of everyone that would read it and write a reveiw on or some other web site that promotes books. I love to read book reviews. It is one of the deciding factors when I purchasing a book! On a more intimate note of celebration....I'm with Karen and do the "happy" dance...then start the process again with my next book!

~Grace and Peace said...

Congratulations on your new book. How exciting!

I came from reading the P31 devotion re wandering children. I just want to thank you for it. It's encouraging to see it from a child's perspective. My son is a freshman in college and not reading his bible nor going to church since he started - too busy, he says. So I paused and prayed for him. There is hope!

Thank you from his mom.

Joyful said...

Oh Susanne, I don't even know how I'd's such a dream to one day write something that would be found valuable and worthy enough to be published, I think I would probably sit back in awe and cry to see my dream fulfilled. Disbelief would most likely accompany the awe.

Congratulations on your book.

imoomie said...

Ha-ha, it reminds me of when my kids were born and all the attention I received with the first one, by the third I better just buck up and keep moving...

Every "baby" deserves a celebration! Here's to your new book! Congrats!