Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework

Actually, my dog didn't eat my homework, but she did chew through my laptop power cord. I walked into the living room to discover a grisly, wiry severed computer cord. Fortunately for the dog it wasn't plugged in to the outlet. "All right," I think, "No big deal." I'll just hop on the Internet and order another one. Oops! It's Cyber Monday and is completely overloaded and I can't place an order.

So on Tuesday, I had to call. I get through to a guy who talks about a bazillion words per minute. He attempts to sell me a new computer, a television, an upgrade, etc. etc. "No, I just want an adapter cord, that's it," I repeat a bazillion times.

That major distraction is taken care of and the cord will be delivered in a few days. Until then I can use my computer, but in a very limited capacity. I do have an extra cord, but it is not movable. It's docked to my desk. Now this is not a monumental thing, but an annoyance.

Another poor me story is that I am having a great deal of trouble posting on my blog. It seems I can no longer write my post in Microsoft Word and cut & paste it to blogspot. It seems that Google has done something so it will not work. Sounds like a Microsoft/Google war to me and I am caught in the middle. All right, I can work around it now that I know what the problem is with my blog.

Which brings me to a You Tube clip my church played on Sunday. I do not know who the comedian is (he may be very rank) but this clip was hilarious. It made me laugh so hard as I love technology and I travel a lot on planes. Here's the link:

Truly all the technology is amazing and we just don't fully appreciate it, do we?

Keep the Heart-Print Faith,


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