Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Minutiae

We are ten days or so away from Thanksgiving. Turkey with dressing and mashed potatoes is a favorite dinner for many of us. Can't wait!

But until then I thought I would consider some of the little things I am thankful for, just some little minutiae of life that make my days brighter, more fun and more fulfilling.

1. I-pod -- It's the best for my music and audible books.

2. Garmin -- My inexpensive GPS system that I purchased at Walmart has been such a blessing. I am so directionally challenged.

3. My three favorite books this year: The People of the Book, The Help, and God Meets Girl.

4. Pepsi product that is called H2O. I can't get it on the west coast, so I have to buy it when I am in Minnesota and bring it home with me.

5. My three dogs -- Tiki, Tulip and Taffy.

6. My BOOKWORM bracelet made out of old typewriter keys. It makes me smile.

7. The blogsite Stuff Christians Like. Hilarious! Can't wait for the book to come out.

8. The website I didn't think I would like listening to books, but I am now addicted.

9. The new Daughtry cd.

10. My cowboy boots.

All right, there is weird stuff in my list, I know. But what tiny tidbits of life are you thankful for?

Keep the Heart-Print Faith,

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