Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Groovy Grandmas

I wish I could have had a groovy grandma. Unfortunately, both of my grandmothers were quite crotchety. One I couldn't even call "Grandma". She only allowed me to call her by her first name--Jean. She pretended to be my aunt to everyone, I guess because she didn't want to be a grandma. (Obviously she was biologically, but not emotionally.)

So years and years ago, way before I became a grandma, I decided to be a groovy grandma when I had the privilege to be one.

When my boys were little I prayed for their future wives and families. One of my requests was, "Lord, let me love their families. Let them have fun families."

Sure enough, the Lord granted that request--BIG TIME! I adore both of my daughters-in-loves' mothers. Margaret lives in Nebraska. Barb lives in Virginia. They are long distance best friends. What a blessing to me, my children and grandchildren.

Together we are three groovy grandmas who want our grandchildren to live out lives of faith. We desire for the Christian legacies of families to continue on for generation after generation.

Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged. Proverbs 17:6a (NLT)

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Betty said...

Love the pics! As a grandma striving to be as groovy as you can be to a 15 month old, I enjoyed your post! What a joy my grandson is to our family! I'm really trying to teach him about Jesus...singing 'Jesus Loves Me', reading out of his My First Bible board book, showing him love, etc.
Thank you for sharing your grandma grooviness today!

Margaret said...

How sweet! May God grant us many years to groove together with our sweet little girls.

Bryony Preece said...

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sandy said...

Isn't God good! I believe being a grandma is the greatest of all blessings! I decided as a little girl to be everything to my grandchildren that I never had! My oldest granddaughter just started college this past year and it has been the most fantastic of great adventures - the Lord, me and 5 fabulously delicious grandchildren!
Grama is my greatest title!