Monday, August 17, 2009

Travel Thoughts

My husband and I are still traveling around in a motorhome. We have visited my mom in Utah, traveled to Jackson, Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. We saw a bit of Yellowstone and headed toward Cody, WY. Yee Haw! Then we headed toward Deadwood, South Dakota. Yesterday I took a "mental health day" -- no sightseeing, no riding around. Just a day to read and write--heavenly.

Today we roamed through the cemetery of Wild Bill Hickock & Calamity Jane in Deadwood, SD. I wandered through the graves with a group of other tourists. I wondered why humans are so interested in dead people.

Most people stopped and read the headstones. This was the "wild west" and most people didn't live long. The age of 50 seemed to be a ripe old age in Deadwood during the 1800's. I watched the people's faces as they studied the tombs. No one seemed to think that they would ever end up in an isolated grave.

All this was on a Sunday, and my thoughts went to my Lord's empty tomb. I kept thinking of what that means. No one except Jesus has ever risen from the dead. Thankfully, because of His power over death it changes my outlook on the inevitable graveyard. My bones may lie there, but my spirit will rise to worship my Jesus. Praise Him!

Tomorrow we head toward Minneapolis. My chickadee peeps live there. (That would be my two granddaughters.) Then on Friday my son, daughter-in-love, and grandson will arrive. Sort of a small family reunion to celebrate Michael's 2nd birthday. Fun stuff!

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Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

You're living our dream! My husband and I plan someday to tour the country in an RV and then park ourselves on our kids lawns (when they have their own places). We call ourselves "Meet the Panzicas" (after that not-so-good movie "Meet the Fockers").

My inlaws go to SD all the time, and my mom & sister just went there in July and loved it.

Have fun with the family!