Friday, December 21, 2007

Jammie Days

Today and tomorrow I have declared as "jammie days" for myself. I am not going shopping, cooking or wrapping presents. I will stay in my pj's and read in front of the fireplace. It's my Christmas present to myself.

For most people, Christmas is exhausting. I have a friend who went to 14 parties in 14 days. YIKES! Now I enjoy people, but I prefer to have lunch or coffee with a close friend, rather than mingling with a mass of people who all wish they were home in their jammies drinking their apple cider, instead of dressed in their holiday best attempting to make small talk.

Traditions--I gave up sending out Christmas cards years ago. One day as I was addressing the gazillion envelopes I realized I really hated the chore. I picked up the whole stack and threw them away. It was the end of a "tradition". Speaking of discontinuing traditions, I read a great article by Tony Woodlief in Today's Wall Street Journal. Here's the link: my essay in The Wall Street Journal today. Read and think about your own holiday traditions. For myself, my new tradition will be lounging around in my pajamas for a least one day during the holidays.

I wish you cuddly jammies and sweet apple cider days.


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Renee Swope said...

Happy Birthday my jammie-lovin', hot apple cider friend. I think I will give my self the same gift for Christmas. Now I just need to pick the day!!! I just read through your devo about Green Pastures are we prepare to send the next batch on and I loved it. It will be featured on January 10th and I just added a link to your blog. You will probably get an extra 400-500 visitors that day. Isn't that fun? It will be a New Year's get-together and you can wear you jammies as you welcome everyone to a green-pasture-day!!!

Love you friend, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!